2019 February

Installer updated with new tools

New dynamic tool set added to Code Book. Enjoy! Added tools: Tool set Visual Studio IDE, Code Editor, VSTS, & App Center – Visual Studio Visual Studio Code – Code Editing. Redefined Welcome to NetBeans Node.js Notepad++ Home Stack Overflow – Where Developers Learn, Share, & Build Careers CodeProject – For those who code 3,075,000+… read more »

Installer is now ready

Installer for Blinkki – Code Book is now ready. It was created with Inno Setup and target platform is x64 Windows machines. You can download the installer from here: https://code.blinkki.com/install/blinkki-cb-x64-setup.exe Unfortunately I don’t have a certificate yet for code signing so Windows will warn you about unknow publisher when you install the application.

Let’s make things easier

Project has been in pending phase for a while, but now it is time to ramp up the development. Time to update Code Book task list and work from there stepĀ  by step. First I’ll create an installer for Code Book so that you can try it out without full development environment installed. You can… read more »